Luis Zilhão

passionate photographer

Photography sets up silent dialogs,
a sublime stage of understanding.
It generates proximity and
conscious awareness.
Photography is an act of
responsible freedom.

Photography started, as all good things, as simple fun. It was back in 1987 and the toy was daddy’s old Canon. After some sessions photographing friends, I took my first real photographs during a trip to the most isolated region of Portugal. There I discovered what photography means to me: catching the essence of people and the atoms that compose them: moments of splendor and joy, sadness and anguish, hopes and dreams.
I understand life as the supreme art, searching for balance, harmony and happiness. Like adding pieces to an endless puzzle. No permanent happiness, solely happy moments. There is no exception: I always find those joyful moments photographing. Hours and hours, in permanent movement, in the hullabaloo of a city or lost in the loneliness of the fields, never feeling hungry or tired, just feeling the spirit overlapping everything else.
Photography is communication. It sets up silent dialogs, a sublime stage of understanding. It turns you from a mere spectator into an active participant, portraying eternal cycles and the single moments that compose them. Photography is an act of responsible freedom.

I was born in Mai 1969 in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, a neighboring city of Oporto. Then I spent my carefree childhood and wild teen years in Figueira da Foz, a small town at the coast. In Lisbon I lived 5 years and concluded my degree in Marketing & Publicity. After a few years jumping between Portugal and Germany, I finally establish myself in Germany, where I have been living on a permanent basis since 1996. The money comes from being Sales Manager for a Portuguese company – I work hard to contribute to my country’s external balance of trade. Despite loving photography, the most important things in my life are my three wonderful children Gil, Julien and Josephine, and my fantastic girlfriend, Maria.

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